Monday, February 25, 2008

Made it thru another weekend

OK the weekend is over, back to running the roads again. Its ok thou that is what a mom is supose to do right? Im kinda excited for the 8th to get here. I am shooting a wedding just because I want to try my new lens I got for christmas at a wedding and really wouldnt use them if it i was a paid wedding. No presure at all so this is going to be just for fun. It as at our church so I already know the lighting in there...which is not the best for photo's but i will work with it just like I have in the past taking other pictures in there. I have been trying to use manual on my lens and camera lately. Its going ok some of the shots have been blurry but this is something you cant learn over night. I know some other "pro photographers" that never take the camera off auto. Well I feel as if they are cheating themselves out of the challenges photography is. I have been reading alot on how to do different things again and have no one to try them out on. The twins wont sit anymore for pictures and Lord knows Al never would. I got a new backdrop and so bad wanted to use it I told the twins I would take them out to eat if they would just sit for a little while and they still said no. So one of my freinds came over last weekend and yup you guessed it I had her sit so I could play. :) I know Im evil :) Here is one that I took and then did differnet things in photoshop to it. OK before I make whoever is reading this fall asleep this will be all today...maybe for the week we will just have to see.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


OK I am not one to talk about myself but here goes....... I am a full time stay at home mom of 11 yr old twins, Amanda and Michael. I also have three older children. Kayla is 20 and has gave me my 1st grandchild Nicholas. He was born Aug. 5th, 2007. Then we have Al II, he is going to college for Criminal Justice at Saginaw Valley State University. Stephine is a junior in high school, she is pretty good kid for the most part. She has been in Chior since the 6th grade and also on the Color Guard Team for the school. Al and I have been married for 10 yrs now..where does the time go? I have always been interested in photography and officially started a business in Dec 2005. I havent really pushed it too much but I have done several weddings and TONS of kids/family pictures. I would like to someday have my own studio and take photographs on more of a reg. basis. I have taken a few classes on photography but for the most part have been self taught. I have lived in Michigan for my whole life, pretty much in the same town as I grew up in. The twins keep me very busy. Amanda plays softball and cheers during football season. Michael has played football for 4 yrs now. Yes we start them out young here. Michael has also done Basketball and Baseball. But if you ask him his favorite is football. I have for the last 4 yrs took action shots at every one of their games. Also have done team pictures last year for Michaels football team and Amanda's softball team. Also the last 2 yrs I have taken the Chesaning Youth Cheerleaders pictures. I sometimes think thats is what I am supose to do is just sports but yet I really LOVE to do weddings. Really anytime I have my camera in hand I love it. My saying is "Looking thru a lens is sometimes better then the real world" you can make it your own world when taking photographs. Our family loves to go camping and tubing on the river when we have time. Which is not too often anymore with all the sports but hey thats ok with us too. Anything else you wish to know feel free to leave me a message and I will try to answer it for you.