Friday, October 17, 2008

SR Pics

OK I have played enough with Steph and getting her pictures done. Here are some that I have taken over the last week or two. We are on the last week of Football so I will have a life again...Also we are moving back to Birch Run soon. I cant wait to go "HOME" again.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

OK After some LONG HEATED debates with my husband I think he is finally seeing the light into pricing..maybe. I was on a photo forum that I read on a reg. basis and these are prices from the local chain studios. I would hope people would see my love and passion for photography and understand why I charge the prices I do for portraits. Keep in mind also the chain studios are usually on a time limit of 20mins (i know i worked at one) in that 20 mins you take the pictures ...and SELL SELL SELL. I can say one thing for myself and any other pro photographer there is NO WAY I would only spend 20 mins on all that. Hope you have a great day.
20x24: 99.99
10x30, 3 image: $149
20x20, 9 image: $149

Picture people:
Individual color sheets (1 8x10, 2 5x7 or 8 wallets) $18
Color 16x20: $69;
$85 to personalize with text overlay
$5 per sheet extra for B&W
14x24 framed $149
14x14, 4 images framed $129
Kiddie Kandids: $19.99 color sheets
20x24: $109.99
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Friday, October 3, 2008

New Coat

I thought I had better come on here and show you guys what Floyd at Mid Michigan Screen Print did for me. He has asked me for action shots to hang in the store. He said he has asked the other photographers to do it but they never had. I went in and was looking for a coat that was warm waterproof and had some nice size pockets. Carrie showed me this one and I told her I couldnt get it right now....she talked to Floyd and here is what I got. THANK YOU MID-MICHIGAN SCREEN PRINTING.
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