Thursday, October 9, 2008

OK After some LONG HEATED debates with my husband I think he is finally seeing the light into pricing..maybe. I was on a photo forum that I read on a reg. basis and these are prices from the local chain studios. I would hope people would see my love and passion for photography and understand why I charge the prices I do for portraits. Keep in mind also the chain studios are usually on a time limit of 20mins (i know i worked at one) in that 20 mins you take the pictures ...and SELL SELL SELL. I can say one thing for myself and any other pro photographer there is NO WAY I would only spend 20 mins on all that. Hope you have a great day.
20x24: 99.99
10x30, 3 image: $149
20x20, 9 image: $149

Picture people:
Individual color sheets (1 8x10, 2 5x7 or 8 wallets) $18
Color 16x20: $69;
$85 to personalize with text overlay
$5 per sheet extra for B&W
14x24 framed $149
14x14, 4 images framed $129
Kiddie Kandids: $19.99 color sheets
20x24: $109.99
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