Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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Hello again its been a LONG time but its baseball/softball season and this is my busiest time of the year. This year I have 4 out of 5 family members playing ball. I dont play ball....someone has to take the pictures...:) This is Manda and Mikes 2nd yr and then Al and Joe started playing on our church softball team. Everyone plays on Mondays and the kids also play on wed. I have been taking family pictures for our church directory and think I have one more family and I am DONE. There will be 63 families total this time in the book. Alot more since I have been doing them for 3 weekends now. Since the last post I have took some pictures of my daughter Stephine from prom and had my grandson here while his mom had surg. on her arm. Kayla is doing alot better but not back to normal (whatever that is) I know how hard it is to take care of a baby...but not with a broken arm. Loved having Nicholas here and cant wait til I get him back to take some more "real" pictures of him. On June 9th I will be taking Mikes baseball team pics so now Im in a rush to get the family pictures done. I just wish my business would really start. We are going to Ohio for the weekend of June 27th to take pictures at Jacob and Lauras' wedding. Not a paid wedding but just to leave state with the kids its going to be fun. Kinda like a mini vacation since we havent taken one in 2 yrs. Im hoping to take some of Steph's SR pics soon too. I cant believe she will be a SR next fall. All my kids are growing up too fast. But as a mom I have to let them make mistakes on their own and then tell them how to fix/get over them. I so want to move back to Birch Run that way I can really get my business going. I try but its so hard to charge the ppl I call freinds but if I want anymore photography things I will have to start charging. :( One of these days I will have all 5 of my kids here for pictures and also Nicholas. OK thats about all I have time to type right now. I am hoping to get better about this whole blog thing but first I have to meber that I started it and need to update it. My dry erase board is getting full with a things to do list....OK bye for now and thanks for reading my blog.


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