Thursday, August 14, 2008

OK its been a little crazy again here. On Monday we started football/cheerleading. This is my fav. time of the year. I found out no surgery is needed on my knee and the DR said just to take it easy....PLEASE no time for me to take it easy. I am still working on the wedding pictures from the last wedding. I wasnt able to do a hole lot to them but working on them more this week and will have them done this weekend. Speaking of this weekend its the last weekend for softball for Al. I got a call to take the Chesaning Youth Cheerleaders again this year. I LOVE THOSE GIRLS. Lori, the lady in charge is awesome as well. I look forward to taking these pictures every year. They have grown with me and its great to see them every year. I also passed out my price lists to all the PFY coach's tonight so we will see. It would be great to get our hometown team also. I am in charge this year of the video taping at all our home games for our youth league and Al will be taking the action shots.
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