Friday, August 1, 2008


OK So its been a little crazy here. The twins are done with baseball/softball. Al and Joe are still playing. I have been really busy ...well til the 25th I was. That week I had pictures for my grandsons 1st birthday, my daughters softball team, a wedding and then a shoot for my most faithful family The Burkes. Well everything was going fine until the wedding. It was just a reception as the couple had gotten married in Vegas. The day was going great got all the photos done at that park and then off to the reception hall. It was awesome how they had it set up. Since the couple got married in vegas they had the vegas theme. Everything went well until it was time to cut the cake. The bride and groom had their drinks sitting next to the cake and when they grabbed the knife to cut the cake they spilled them. I went to grab the glasses and fell right on my left knee. It wasnt pretty. I finished the cake pictures and went and sat down. As Im sitting there my knee is just getting bigger and bigger. Well I took a few more pictures and then I left. Got home iced it and put it up. On saturday I had to take Cassie Burkes pictures so off I went. Then Al and I went to some freinds house for a dinner. The whole time me limping around. OK got home from all that and iced and put it up again. Got up Sunday and couldnt walk on it without it KILLIN me. Told Al if its not better I want to go to the ER. Well I gave it til about 8 pm and it wasnt any better told Al its time to take me in. We went to ER they took xrays they didnt see anything broken. They said if its not better in a couple days call to set up an MRI. OK here it is Wed not any better so I call the Dr and she wants to see me. Go to the Dr on thursday and she says stay on crutches and keep the brace. Not what I wanted to hear and then Tues. I have an MRI on my left knee to see if meniscus is torn. I had surg. in 1998 for the same thing on the same knee. So here I sit and done with most of the edits to ALL the shoots I did last week. So when someone tells you that photography isnt a dangerous job Im here to tell you ....... IT IS :) I will leave you with some pictures from Josh and Bridgets wedding. Thanks for reading my blog.
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