Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where I have been

OK its the BEST time of the year for me right now. I LOVE FOOTBALL. Not only have I been shooting football but have been sneaking in a few soccer games too. Homecoming is going to be here soon and the parents make posters to hang in the locker room that night so I have been getting some order..just hope they dont wait til the last min. to get the pictures they want printed. Michael had his 1st game as an 8th Grader. It was great to see him out there again :) but not so great with the loss they got. I have to say thou, most of these boys have played on the same team with each other for the last 5 yrs and the record is amazing for such young boys...27-3 for 5 yrs and now add another loss to it. I say they are still amazing :)
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Joy Vertz said...

So fun.. what great football shots :)

Beth said...

Thank you is my life. I LOVE it. Not too many women say that I know but when you are around it as often as I am its GREAT.